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Farmhouse & Country Primitive Painted & Decorative Baskets

Display your favorite decorations with a collection of whimsical baskets. We have a wide assortment of baskets with many shapes, sizes, colors and designs to adorn any room in your home, as well as outdoor spaces. These baskets are light and sturdy with antique, distressed details and finishes for an authentic feel.

Place or hang your favorite basket anywhere to create a lovely wall decoration or centerpiece. Fill your hanging basket with faux flowers for an inviting piece on your door, or use real flowers with a jar, pot or lining to keep your basket clean. Use a hanging basket as a lightweight shelf in your bathroom, kitchen or entryway, or add fillers to make a country-style candle holder. Woven baskets are perfect for traditional Easter decorations, as well as summertime welcome greetings in your garden. There’s an endless list of creative ideas you can make with your basket, each with a touch of rustic flair.

Get ideas with our displays and order your basket to make your own. Click on any picture to take a closer look and place an order.