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Farmhouse & Country Primitive Dolls, Rabbits & Bears

Stuffed dolls, rabbits and bears have been an American tradition for generations, since they were first quilted and stitched to keep on kitchen counters, bed spreads and fireplace mantels. Their simple shapes, quilted dresses and innocent faces invite warmth and coziness into our homes to this day. The Red Brick Cottage collects dozens of these traditional favorites to keep you company at your sewing box, on the living room couch, on the bed, in the kitchen or anywhere.

Country Prim dolls, rabbits and bears are a perfect gift for any age and add whimsical décor to any room. Children love to keep their soft Prim Bears and Bunnies with them and snuggle up with them to stay safe and secure at night. The Prim Angel Doll is a cute and decorative protector over the fireplace or around Christmas time, while the Prim Garden Doll, Herb the Cat and Prim Bunnies hang over your spice rack to watch over your herbs.

Each piece is modeled after traditional American dolls and displays the original shape and character of the classic heirlooms. Order your loveable companion online or select a gift for your children or friends.