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Lantern Candle Warmer
Lantern Candle Warmer

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This Lantern Candle Warmer is one of the top sellers in our store. It looks, works & smells great. This warmer offers a new way to enjoy your jar candles with out an open flame, smoke or soot... It uses a halogen bulb and melts the candle from the top down. When on, it illuminates the jar and looks like an old time lantern.  It has very specific instructions that must be followed... but simply put you just pour off the melted wax when it no longer smells and it melts the next inch. It plugs directly into the wall and has a toggle ON/OFF switch. Our Large Candleberry Candle works best in this warmer but does fit most other 20-26 oz. large candle jars.  A special wattage bulb is required and included. We sell the replacement bulbs as well. Choose from Primitive Black, Rustic Brown or Nickel.