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Farmhouse & Country Primitive Pictures & Stitch Pictures

Bring timeless, American hospitality to your home with antique replica and primitive pictures. Cross stitch pictures, wooden pictures, still-life portraits and other pictures bring color and warmth into your living room, dining room, laundry room, bedroom and any other place around your home. The pictures show classic Americana scenes and items as well as phrases and rhymes to fit the room and the style.

Add a stitch or painted picture to any room and bring in classic distinction with a quaint, homey atmosphere. Bedroom stitch pictures are perfect for hanging over the bed and bringing comfort and coziness while you sleep. Hang an antique replica still life over the kitchen or laundry room to bring in an old-world feel, or set off a family room or dining room with a “Gathering Room” picture.

Find the items that suit your home and order today. Explore The Red Brick Cottage online to find other Americana gifts and accents, or visit the shop to see even more.