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Farmhouse & Country Primitive Pottery & Yellowware

Set the table or make beautiful decorations with primitive pottery, yellowware and redware pitchers, bowls, candlesticks and more. Yellowware and redware pottery showcases the traditional style and design of pottery used in early American eras, with the same unique character and simple structure. Glazed polish gives the pottery extended longevity, so they can sit on your table for years to come.

Yellowware and redware pottery was once used by early Americans at the dinner table each night and each piece was carefully made and preserved. These replicas display the same level of care and detail, with simple yet artful designs that accent your décor without overpowering it. Each piece is timeless and looks beautiful on the table and may also be used as a centerpiece, accent display, flower vase and more. Select a complete setting for the dinner table or choose a pot, pitcher or candlestick for a display item.

Order these classic pottery pieces for your home and explore other authentic, traditional pieces to complete any room. Explore the Red Brick Cottage to find other delightful pieces for your kitchen, dining room, bedroom or anywhere around your home.