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Farmhouse & Country Primitive Tin Lighting

Make your décor shine with tin lighting and other primitive lighting designs with traditional and classic American themes. Tin lighting not only showcases the old-world and rustic designs that make primitive décor so unique, but it also creates dramatic effects with light and shadows. With many sizes and types to choose from, you can find the perfect piece for a small table, shadowy corner or anywhere that needs a little extra light.

Tin lanterns mimic the traditional lanterns used in farmhouses and mansions hundreds of years ago. Their careful housing still creates the same focused light and gentle ambiance as it did so long ago and also creates a distinctive air of peace and warmth. The lanterns and candle lights imitate the effects of real candles without the fire hazard, emitting a soft, steady orange glow. Tin candle lights fit perfectly on the bedside table or coffee table, giving you steady light to read by or simply to sit and enjoy the evening. Larger lanterns and standing lamps provide a larger pool of light to illuminate the room.

Choose a tin lamp or candle lamp for your living room, bedroom or entryway. Order yours online and add it to your décor to freshen up your furnishings or start a completely new look.